The worm

I suppose the overall objective of The Remnant Newspaper and other Catholic media is to attempt to restore order into the troubled Church. The disheartening fact is, however, as such papers regularly report, the disorder never ceases to increase. As there is no reason to doubt the continuity of the newspaper’s objectives, the conclusion must be that something virtually uncontrollable is afoot. With time this suspicion has become a virtual certainty. Everything seems to have gone wrong.

What, therefore, is the worm that is causing the trouble? In times past blame could be laid at the door of a theological error. The well known error of Arianism in the fourth century is a case in point. The question can legitimately be asked whether something similar is happening today? In other words are the massive problems currently facing Catholics that have reduced the Church to only a faint shadow of its former self, attributable to an unidentified cause? Move the clock back a century and some light is shed upon the enigma. There was a time in Church history a little over a hundred years ago, when the then reigning popes were shocked to discover something was badly wrong in the state of Denmark as the Shakespearians would say. the sovereign pontiffs were Pius IX, Leo X and Pius X. Evil forces from outside were infiltrating the Church. Proofs of Masonic origin were clearly identifiable, but a previously unknown source of infiltration was rapidly making itself felt, particularly during the pontificate of Pius X – that of extreme socialism – Marxism! We know now that a large number of young men had been trained by the Marxist regime in the early nineteen twenties to enter Catholic seminaries with the specific objective of destroying the Faith.

Fast forward to today. The scene has changed, but the damage that was done reaped an unexpectedly rich harvest. The manipulation of Catholic doctrine to suit the purpose of the Soviet modernists was thorough. Its effects disastrous. It is not quite clear whether they were aware that what they were doing would have the far reaching effects that it has. By incorporating the principle of naturalism into the teaching of origins, the entire discipline of creation metaphysics was removed. Instead of creation out of nothing, the concept of creation out of something was introduced. The omnipotent power of the Almighty to create by His word alone was replaced by an unlimited time consuming process based upon a theory of gradual genetic evolution. Whereas the Church taught instant creation ex nihilo of everything at the same time. The yawning difference between theistic evolution and instant creation would not have gone unnoticed had not Pius X the champion of orthodoxy and the enemy of theistic evolution died on the eve of the First World War. The two events synchronised to leave no one in the Church competent to wage war against the infiltrators. Seminary students were enrolled for military service and defence of doctrine was abandoned to the marauders.

Modernism in the hands of the then burgeoning science fiction industry paved the way for theistic evolution to take hold. Compliant pastors, educated on the twisted theology of Creation inherited from their modernist predecessors provided no resistance to the modernist infiltration infecting Rome. Cosmological theories of inhabited planets were given credibility by being taught in conjunction with astrophysics. Science fiction started to become a viable contender with real science. No longer, could it be dismissed as just fiction when world famous physicists seriously considered the possibility of beings endowed with intelligence existing in outer space. It had become plausible, and with it theistic evolution. In such conditions, very few clerics were not caught in the net. It explains why today not a single diocese in the Catholic Church does not object to theistic evolution being freely propagated in the parishes.

This phenomenal success of the marxist infiltrators is demonstrated by the fact, that despite the refutation of evolution by the Magisterium, successive popes since the Pius X have not condemned the theory, but now say it is compatible with Church teaching. It has been taught as such in seminaries for several generations.

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