Today, sadly, there is great confusion.  Many people are being deluded by those who make Evolution the very foundation of the universe—evolution in one of several forms, all just theories. Evolution is being taught almost as dogma in schools; it is being taken for granted as the origin of the universe by some scientists infected by this delusion. Even in the Church, among prominent guardians of the Faith, there seems to be a serious loss of respect for the constant teaching of the Church from its very beginning about Creation.

We can thank God that, as this volume shows, very serious efforts are being made to uphold the teaching of the Church.  May the Light of Christ shine upon all who read this booklet, to deliver those of good will from erroneous teachings and to turn their hearts and minds towards Jesus Who is indeed “the Way, the Truth and the Life,” for all God’s people.

May this work prove of immense value to all who look for true Life in God for all eternity.

Desmond C. Moore, MSC,  DD,  KBE, Emeritus Bishop of Alotau, Eastern Papua N.G.

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