The culture and mind-set of the so called modern times is mainly characterized by a turn away from God. God is denied to be God the Creator and instead of Him creature and ultimately man is declared to be god and creator. This kind of atheism or anti-theism found its most widespread and seducing expression in the so called evolution theory of Charles Darwin. It is time to show to the world the scientific inconsistency of such a theory and to unmask the myth of evolutionism. The unmasking of the atheistic and even of the theistic evolution myth, will set free a lot of people from the intellectual slavery of evolutionism. The myth of the so called evolution brought the man of the modern times to a life style independent from his Creator with all the horrible cultural, social, moral and spiritual consequences. May the paper Creation and Time be wide spread and help to free the people of our days from the greatest myth of the modern times and help them at the same time to direct their intellectual and spiritual glance to God their Creator.

Mgr. Athanase Schneider, O.R.C., auxiliary Bishop of Astana (Kazakhstan)

As everyone knows, evolution is only an hypothesis that has not been proven successfully but which has been very useful for denying the existence of a Creator God ever since the time of Darwin; and in these times it serves to justify the wanton manipulation of human life from conception until death, and to attack and destroy the natural family as God designed it.  Indeed, if everything is the product of evolution, why not give evolution a little “help,” so that changes occur rapidly without having to wait millions of years?  On the contrary, as the document Creation and Time explains, we must undo the widespread deception regarding the fundamental doctrine of creation with sound theological and scientific arguments.

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez. Retired archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico.

While much needed work has been done to show the deficiencies of evolution from a scientific perspective, very little has been done to question it on theological grounds.  This short work provides a much needed contribution in that area. 

Fr. Chad Ripperger, F.S.S.P., Ph.D., Philosophy, MA, Theology.

Creation and Time is an important work. It shows how alien the modern belief in evolution, even ‘theistic evolution’, is to Catholic tradition. Of particular interest is the authors’ careful analysis of the teaching of the Fourth Lateran Council. Appealing to authoritative commentaries on this Council, they make a powerful case that, centuries before Darwin, the Church had already definitively ruled out the gradual formation of truly distinct species over long periods of time.

Fr. Thomas Crean, O.P., MA, Philosophy and Theology, Oxford University, STL, University of Toulouse

Creation and Time is interesting, alarming, and thought-provoking. Its presentation of the teaching of the Fourth Lateran Council and Vatican I raises very strong objections even to the theistic version of evolutionary faith. The distinctions that it makes in regard to the interpretation of the terms of the conciliar decrees make all the difference in the world for one’s theological understanding of creation and providence. Lyell and Darwin and their disciples have stolen man’s sense of wonder and divine beauty and ushered in a “Culture of Death.” By overturning their evolutionary assumptions, Creation and Time will help to establish a culture of life in which God is once again revered as Creator and Redeemer.

Fr. Daniel Kassis, BA, Philosophy; STB from the Angelicum; STL in fundamental theology from the Gregorian University in Rome.

Creation and Time resurrects, elucidates, and showcases a misconstrued and long-forgotten doctrine of the Faith on creation.  This doctrine—correctly understood—establishes and protects the Church’s teaching and theology of creation in an era mired in pedagogical and theological confusion and error concerning creation and its implications. In crafting this paper, its authors proffer what may become one of this century’s most radical and significant contributions in historical and dogmatic theology.

Dr. Mark Koehne, Ph.D., Religious Studies; M.A., Systematic Theology.


Little effort is made nowadays to understand the conciliar decrees of the Church on creation in the same sense in which they were intended by the Council Fathers.  Creation and Time demonstrates that for six hundred years after the Fourth Lateran Council the greatest commentators on the firmiter decree on creation understood it in a way that is incompatible with theistic evolution. 

Rev. Linus Clovis, Ph. D, Mathematics; London University; licentiate in Canon Law (JCL) from Urbaniana University in Rome; STB from Angelicum in Rome.

Creation and Time is an excellent resource in the ongoing struggle to rid Catholic teaching and theology of the evolution-infection with which it has been contaminated. Finally, a well thought out presentation of inestimable value, helps level the playing field in the enormous task of getting the science fiction of the evolution of Creation out of Catholic thinking once and for all. I’m currently teaching a class on “Creation vs. Evolution”, and this booklet makes the acceptance of all the material a lot easier on the part of the participants. Thank you!

Rev. Daniel S. Zaloga, M.L.M., M.Div, Pastor of St. Mary & St. Joseph Parish in Iron Mountain, MI, United States.

No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar… (Lk 8:16) This small paper achieves a very important goal—that of removing the veil from the Light of God’s Truth, through the re-presentation of the doctrine of the Church Fathers and the Councils on creation. It is important for the Christian world to rediscover the Church’s teaching now, especially in light of new scientific evidence that confirms what the Fathers and Doctors have been teaching for centuries.

Rev. Iouri Koslovskii, Ph.L., S.T.M., Pontifical Urbaniana University; Assistant Professor, Ivano-Frankivsk Theological Academy, Ivano-Frankivsk 76019, Ukraine.


Today, sadly, there is great confusion. Many people are being deluded by those who make Evolution the very foundation of the universe—evolution in one of several forms, all just theories. Evolution is being taught almost as dogma in schools; it is being taken for granted as the origin of the universe by some scientists infected by this delusion. Even in the Church, among prominent guardians of the Faith, there seems to be a serious loss of respect for the constant teaching of the Church from its very beginning about Creation.

We can thank God that, as this volume shows, very serious efforts are being made to uphold the teaching of the Church. May the Light of Christ shine upon all who read this booklet, to deliver those of good will from erroneous teachings and to turn their hearts and minds towards Jesus Who is indeed “the Way, the Truth and the Life,” for all God’s people.

May this work prove of immense value to all who look for true Life in God for all eternity.

Desmond C. Moore, MSC, DD, KBE, Emeritus Bishop of Alotau, Eastern Papua N.G.

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